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Thu Jan 19, 2012, 7:55 PM

I know. I know.

I haven't been here... in like... ages.

And the only time I EVER make a journal entry is to do the same old thing. Apologize for not updating and being a reclusive ass.

I have been seriously busy. With project after project after project. All of which have unfortunately not really included drawing. My skills as a Motion Graphic designer… and designer in general, have been called upon a lot more than usual, from clients all over the globe! Does that mean I've hung up my pencil for good?

NO! NEVER! NIET! This month and the next I've picked up a nice project for Medikidz (or was it just an 's'?). Once done, I have some nice character pieces I've done recently that should really knock your socks off!

Till then, I apologise to anyone camping out for some new work. If I could post videos here I would. But this site isn't exactly a medium for my animation work I'm afraid.

And, no, not dead, still alive, just buried in a deep pile of work. Work I like, but busy nonetheless.

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  • Drinking: H2O. Love the classics.


Mon Jul 11, 2011, 5:15 AM

Like my German? Nope. Not in Germany... Just being random...

Well, it has most certainly been a very crazy few months for me... I have seen and done things I never would or should have. That probably includes things that should not ever enter my stomach...

But anyhow! I'm kind of back. As of late, I've been working full time as a Motion Graphic Artist, doing a lot of VFX work and animations for advertising. And the odd graphic design job every so often. So much so, I actually can only draw what I want after work. Most of my day work in the studio involves storyboarding and concept art.

I've just recently thrown up a couple of drawings from last year and I plan to add more stuff soon! Working on a number of things this year, including a comic cover, a short comic, some possible series with various artists, and even (well, more like maybe) some pin up work! Woo.

To celebrate my joyous feeling of getting back into my drawing, I've done two images to kind of kick things off again...

If you're in Perth (Australia), I'll also be doing some live drawing sessions at some bars. Ever want to see me drawing live? Nows your chance!

Glad to see some people still take the time to take a look at my stuff every so often. Hope you enjoy the latest batch!


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Wow... It has been a REALLY long time. Like REALLY LONG TIME. But I'm happy to say I've finally finished Uni.

So, you may be wondering what the hell I got up to when I was away working my ass off. Below is a link to my latest showreel showcasing a wide array of the work I did for my BA in Multimedia Design...

Have a looksie and take a gander at the rest of my videos online!

A lot of things happening since then. You'd think I'd take a break huh? I've just signed on my first anthology VELOCITY. A lot of talented guys pushing pencils for that gig. I'm looking forward to finally getting going with that.

I've also picked up a lot of exciting freelance projects with a number of promising clients.

I'm also opening up again for commissions. Drop me an email and send a request and I'll see what I can do!

I'm planning a massive upload of a lot of the work I did during Uni. I never had time to even glance down this direction, but thanks for the positive comments and awesome emails from people.

I'd also like to announce my new official site! Still in it's beta stages but have a look! Hit up the link below!

To the future!
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Got a couple of comments and emails asking whether I'm still kicking. Indeed I am.

Started a Bachelor in Multimedia Design and went straight into second year... Not only that, after my exhibition for my Diploma in Animation, I have had a few animation jobs as well as freelance graphic work coming my way... so it has been (as my friends would say) EPICALLY busy...

I have been drawing too! But have found ZIP time to even use my scanner for my own work.

Then there are lecturers who deserve to be shot, and have their corpses sold on ebay as discounted beef.

So. I shall return, with a huuuuuuuuuuuuge upload session. Till then, my I not die of stress.
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  • Playing: ... With the idea of killing a lecturer...
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  • Drinking: Milk.
I generally never touch my journal... why you ask? I have no idea. Ask my brother. He's standing next to me... I hate people looking over my shoulder... Ah... he got the message :D Now... where was I? Well, I haven't put any new pics up lately because:

1) I'm in singapore...

But I must admit I'm still drawing... So when I get back I'll upload more drawings of my singapore trip... If you want more updates of my singapore trip I do do some fairly constant updates on my facebook. Look for my email... Its on this page...

Now I shall bid thee farewell and hope you all a happy holiday and merry christmas!
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POST! Holy moly guaqamoly! (I have no idea if thats spelt right...)

I made a post! Cool eh? Although I don't have much interesting to tell... Been doing some freelance work here and there and some drawings to develop myself. I posted some up! Look! See! Touch! I have a NEW COMPUTER! Huzzah! And I'm on the way to getting a new iphone... once stocks come into the store... which has so far taken more than a couple of weeks... I seriously though because I as buying so late there'd be plenty! NOT SO! sigh...

Well, that was a random rant... I'm off! Please go through my works and say g'day! Take it easy folks!
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yeh... back again. Surprised? Don't deny it... you were. Okay, chucked up a bunch of stuff I did a while ago. Enjoy the works and I plan to put up more, at the same time update my not-so-updated blog and finish my website off. Take a look at it, No artwork on it though...
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Indeed. I havnt touched my bloging sites and such for a loooong time. Been busy. Hiya folks! whatsup and sorry if i neglected many comments of praise! Thanks a bunch to you all!

I came in and said "whoah... I have 1003 messages..." And i was saddened that even deviantart is under attack from SPAM! Oh the humanity!

Anyways, I will be back, with more art and more comments to other as well! mwhahaha. Deviants... LOOK OUT!

:) happy days. I also have had a number of offers to colour my work. I say to you "GO AHEAD!" I don't mind at all. Just do a good job :)
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yeh thats right folks, the first SEVEN pages have been posted for your viewing! enjoy them now!!! wqoo, id make links, but at this moment... im too lazy. THE UNMENTIONABLES will be published, but by who i dont know yet... PLEASE view the work and COMMENT. thanks much. heh,

THATS RIGHT LAAAADIES AND GENTLEMAN! after ignoring this account for too long, im back... no please, no applause yet ;)... anyways, i got a comic offer from Dale Mettam, ill be doin the penciling and inking, the work will get coloured by Mike (colourist for The architect and... somethiong of torments...) and the letterist will be richard, (did a number of comics like AZ Giant Bugs, Saiko, CS duality etc...)

the story is called THE UNMENTIONABLES... something a bit like a MIB except its with mythological creatures. so yeh, look out for updates! the penciling and inking has been schedualed to be done by June 30th and ill be allowed to post about 6 pages of 22 i have to do...

hi, if ANYONE would like to colour my lineart, please do so! just when ur done send me a note, and if you could leave a comment or whatever ur doing so... otherwise, im not fussed.

happy days! :dance:  
AT LAST! after completing a number of jobs RED SKIES the STORY has now begun... at first it was really just a number of jumbled ideas and short scenes drawn out... but IT IS DONE!!! HUA! ill put some previews o the comic just to tease y'all...

im gonna die away....

Mon Feb 27, 2006, 9:37 PM…

welp, its the last day of my deviantwatch subscription... ill have to start another one.... look out for my piccys and visit my site!

thanks for all the comments and stuff peoples...

my new user name will be kreation7studios!!!! more recognisable...


Wed Feb 22, 2006, 6:43 PM…

hello, this is my deviant space thingy. i like to do both photography, graphics illastration, commic art and some finearts. At the moment ive embarked on a project called RED SKIES...…

and here are some other pics...……